4 Ways to Show Your Love

Feb 05, 2016
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner but this isn’t the only day out of the year you should show your love. Here are a few reminders to show your loved ones you care about them. 
  1. Give Compliments
    Sometimes it’s easy to think your friends or spouse know how much you care about them, but an honest compliment here or there can really make their day.
  2. Reinforce an Inside Joke or Memorable Moment
    Relationships are all about those little moments we spend together that no one else really gets. Give your loved one something to remember your good times, like our Self-eeez™ Custom I Heart Keychain. A little effort will surely go a long way!
  3. Plan Time Together
    Some people feel most loved when spending quality time together versus receiving gifts. From learning something new, like taking a dance class to simply watching a movie together - bonding time is essential to a good relationship.
  4. Get Cookin’
    The old saying goes... “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Now-a-days I think anyone enjoys a nice home cooked meal from a loved one. Whether it’s a fancy setup with wine or a casual weeknight dinner, it’s the thought that counts.
Keep in mind, people recognize and show love in different ways. Get to know the love language your loved ones respond to, fulfilling their needs and expectations. 
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Posted by: Kimi Sakamoto