Music In Our Schools Month

Mar 23, 2016

You better get to practicing your scales and your arpeggios! After all, March is Music In Our Schools Month (MIOSM). This month-long celebration was established by the National Association for Music Education, and seeks to encourage the establishment and development of musical education programs in schools. Read below for some awesome benefits of music education that will get you in tune with the holiday.

  1. Studies show that musical education is related to increased vocabulary and critical thinking skills, which in turn are beneficial in every area of academic study.
  2. Increased hand-eye coordination is a direct benefit of playing a musical instrument, which can be a blessing in many other areas of day to day life.
  3. Musical study has psychological benefits as well, promoting self-esteem and providing students with methods for coping with anxiety and stress.
  4. Just like sports or other club activities, group-based musical programs are a great way to promote students to build social skills and meaningful relationships.
  5. Learning a musical instrument requires a great deal of dedication and discipline, which help to encourage good independent study habits.
We’ve listed just a few of the ways that musical education during school can be hugely beneficial to students’ educational and personal development, but there’s so much more! Lend your support to the Music In Our Schools Month movement by sharing your own experiences with music in education using the hashtag #MIOSM2016 on Instagram, and express your love for music with some of our awesome music designs.


Posted by: Alicia Milligan