Bruce’s Blog: A Week of Awareness

Dec 07, 2015
Did you know that National Handwashing Awareness Week comes out in December? This cracks me up. We cats have known the value of keeping our paws clean since the beginning of time (which I’m not sure when it occurred because I don’t wear a wristwatch). 
It’s also Read a New Book Month, which’d be great if I could read, and, my fave, Calendar Awareness Month. I guess if you know it is, you’re already Calendar Aware.
Not surprisingly, December also has been designated as National Fruitcake Month. This is a solemn tradition begun many centuries ago by people in England receiving fruitcakes then, when their guests had left, taking them to other people’s houses. In fact, I think there may be only one fruitcake that was ever made and it’s just been passed around for the past 300 years.
If you’re planning on doing some Yuletide baking of your own, here are some Graphics and More thingies you may find interesting:
Have a great week. And be sure to wash your paws!


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