Beer Can Appreciation Day

Jan 15, 2016
Cheers! Looking for an excuse to break out the Bud’s this weekend? We’re here to help! January 24th is Beer Can Appreciation Day. While we tend to feel that every day is a good day to celebrate the convenience of canned beer (by enjoying it, of course), this Sunday marks the anniversary of the day when the first canned beers were put on the market. On that historic day, beer drinking was taken to a whole new level of convenience and accessibility.
Obviously, the best way to celebrate such a momentous occasion would be to gather some friends - don’t worry, Bruce says cats count as friends - and enjoy the classic pop-and-fizz of a freshly opened can or two.
If you don’t already have a few of our super-special can coolers sitting around for such an occasion, what are you waiting for? Check out some of our popular designs below.

Are you a stickler for the glass-bottle end of the beer-container spectrum? Don’t worry, we’ve got your cool gear covered too. Take a look at our sweet collection of bottle openers!


Posted by: Alicia Milligan