Bruce's Blog: Birds.

Sep 05, 2016


People often ask me, “Bruce, what is your favorite food?” or “Bruce, what are you staring at?” I never hesitate, and always answer “Birds.” But it comes out as “MEOW,” and I am quite certain that the humans don’t understand me half of the time. You can’t blame them, though. I think they do try. They just don’t get the subtle art of intonation. Maybe that's why they all talk so loudly at each other around here?

Back to my favorite subject, birds. I’ve never had a pet bird or even been able to get my claws into one, but I am an admirer. I could honestly watch them for hours on end. Sometimes the humans make birds appear on that screen that they stare at all day. I sit on their desk and try to touch the birds. In my experience, they just feel flat and smooth. That can’t be right, though. Maybe one day I will get to meet one. Until then, I watch, and stare, and dream. MEOW.

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