Bruce's Blog: Back to School Essentials

Aug 07, 2018

Summer is nearly over, and students are gearing up across the country for another year of school. I’ve already graduated with my Meowster’s Degree, so I don’t have to worry about that. But for all the students reading this, here are some Graphics and More essentials on surviving another school year. If you’re a mathematical genius, or if you’re just a fan of structure, then the Ruler is a great tool for you! You can measure up to both 12 inches and 30 centimeters. However, if you prefer reading over equations, then the Printed Bookmarks are a nice accessory! They’re sold as a set of 3, which is perfect for anyone who likes reading multiple books at once. Our Leather Heart Bookmarks are also perfect for this! (While you’re at it, you should check out my memoir, Of Meows and Men, available at your local Barnes & Meowble.) A few more products designed to help keep you organized are the Planner Stickers and the iWriter Stylus Ball Point Pen. A pen is crucial for taking notes during class. Not only that, but this product doubles as a stylus for your touchscreen phone! Additionally, our planner stickers can help keep your notes efficiently organized! Now that I’ve shared some products to help make your school year a little easier, I wish you the best of luck! Trust me, kittizens—you’ll need it. (You think earning a Meowster’s Degree is easy?)

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