Bruce's Blog: My Origin Story

Apr 11, 2017

Like every other superhero, I have an origin story. You see, I wasn’t always the Chief Morale Officer (CMO) here at Graphics and More. Once upon a time, I was a young lad, wandering the streets as a fighting champion. The other cats weren’t afraid of me, as I was never violent, but they understood not to cross me. I was also an expert lizard hunter, catching and devouring every lizard that I could find. I know that sounds kind of gross, but they were surprisingly delicious.

Eventually, I moved away from the streets and went to college. My ma and pa had been saving during all of their nine lives, just so I could go. They were so happy for me when I graduated with a Meowster’s Degree in Relaxation, with an emphasis in Napping. Unfortunately, even with my Meowster’s Degree, it was nearly impawsible to find a job. I ended up back on the streets, until the kind folks over at the Sacramento SPCA rescued me.

It was there that the humans at Graphics and More found me, and they adopted me into their office family. I’m in charge of providing purrs and kisses to all of the hardworking staffers, and to keep them motivated even on the busiest days. While my superhero days are over, the work has just begun.

In fact, I spot a few empty laps to occupy.

Bruce Signature

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