Bruce's Residence

Mar 29, 2016


If you’ve been following G&M for even a little amount of time you probably are aware by now that Bruce is our resident Office Cat and Chief Moral Officer. Bruce, like most cats, has quite the personality and takes his job as our Chief Morale Officer very seriously. You can imagine Bruce’s displeasure at the knowledge that a different Bruce was getting all the attention in the box office. 
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice came out recently and has smashed box office records. Now, Google has released a new Easter Egg on Google Maps where you can explore Wayne Manor and subsequently the Batcave. Explore now! 
Just in case now you could only think about Bruce Wayne, our Bruce has posed for some pictures to remind everyone that the only difference between bat and cat is one letter…




The Only Bruce That Matters


Bruce's Picks:

The Cat in the Pearl Earring

Save a Life - Adopt

Cat with Shark Costume

Cat in Shark Costume


Posted By: Karenna Pullen