Bruce's Blog: Cats with Silly Names

Apr 18, 2017

Humans have a bad track record of naming cats. Thankfully, I got lucky with “Bruce.” The name is English-derived, and it means “from the town of Bruis.” Of course, I’m from California and not France, but the sentiment is still there, I suppose.

Unfortunately, I’ve encountered a few cats who were not so lucky with their names. The most ridiculous cat names I’ve heard are Whiskers, Fluffy, and Twinkle Toes. Not only are those names completely uninspired, but that last one is just plain insulting. Could you imagine being named Twinkle Toes? No one would be able to take you seriously.

Going back to my awesome name, though. Bruce is a very fitting and fancy title for a cat of elegance, such as myself. Not to mention, there are a few famous Bruces that I aspire to be: Bruce Willis, who starred in the movie The Sixth Meow, and Bruce Springsteen, who sings the famous song “Glory Cats.”

Do you know any famous people by the name of Twinkle Toes? Exactly.

Bruce Signature

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