Bruce's Blog: Chasing things, then getting bored

Apr 04, 2017

Chasing my toy mice is one of my greatest forms of amusement. Of course, they never fight back, which takes some of the thrill away. I mean, what else am I supposed to do with a toy mice besides bite it for a few moments and then toss it aside?

One of my few enemies that engages with me, though, is the red dot. It springs all over the place, keeping me on the edge of my paws. Sometimes it disappears and then reappears in a completely different place. I have no idea how it does that, but I have to admit that it makes the game more exciting.

Even still, I get tired of chasing it after a while. I’ll watch it jump around for a few minutes, until it gets tired, too, and disappears for good. I wonder when it will appear again… I just caught sight of it. Please hold for just a moment. I will get it this time.

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