Bruce's Blog: Cheese Puns & Other Grate Jokes

Jun 04, 2018

Since today is National Cheese Pizza Day, I figured, what better way to celebrate than with some cheese puns? Now, I know you may be thinking, “But, Bruce, you don’t eat cheese.” And that it correct. I may not have a fondness for cheese, but I always appreciate a grate pun. (Ha. See what I did there? I know that’s not the best pun, but I promise I’ll try feta.)

Let’s get this pun train started:

Q: What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?

A: Nacho cheese

Q: What music does cheese listen to?

A: R and Brie

Q: What hotel does cheese stay at?

A: The Stilton

Q: What’s the saddest cheese?

A: Blue cheese

And just one more...

Q: What’s always the last piece of cheese left?

A: Forever provolone

I think that’s enough puns–for now, at least. I hope they weren’t too cheesy for you. I’ll be honest, all of those jokes made me feel a little feta. I hope they make you melt, too. (I know I said that was enough puns, but I can’t be stopped. You feta run.)

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