Bruce’s Blog: December Beginnings

Dec 01, 2015
Let’s face it, from my standpoint, the only worthwhile stocking stuffers are paws. (We’re pretty good in boots, too, but why give that Antonio Banderas any more publicity?)
Well, as we face the prospect of an El Niño winter, we’re all feeling the urge to nestle in before a cozy fire with a saucer of milk to sip and maybe a shoelace to untie, especially if someone’s still wearing the shoe. This is what we cats do best. Actually, it’s one of the few things we do, period. This is why we make low-maintenance house pets.
I like December because of the Winter Solstice, though it’s hard for me to say “solstice” if I’m been snacking on catnip. The solstice is the so-called “shortest day of the year” (Ha! Catch me when I go into nap-marathon mode). I used to think it kept coming out on different days and I’m sure if I’d said that aloud to the kids here at Graphics and More, they’d have laughed at me. (Actually, they’d have shrieked in terror. Cats don’t speak human.)
Anyway, turns out my feline instincts were right. The solstice comes on a different day every year and stays a different amount of time—which really screws with my regimented nap schedule.
Here are some gift ideas I’m thinking about as December begins:
And now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to crawl into some stockings.


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