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Bruce’s Blog: December, Décembre, Dicembre

Dec 14, 2015
Some of the kids here at Graphics and More were talking about how you say “December” in other languages. Since I can only say it in cat—and everything I say seems to come out the same—I thought this was kind of interesting, or as interesting as anything ever is to a cat.
In Mandarin Chinese, December is “shí'èryuè”—which, now that I think of it, is kind of how I pronounce it, too. In French, it’s “décembre” and in Italian “dicembre.” I was thinking the kids were really being sharp until they said how you pronounce December in both Latin and Danish: “December.”
Want to see that again? “December.”
So why do they need all those interpreters at the United Nations?
Here are some novelty items you might enjoy in any language:
Oh, by the way, here’s how you say “meow” in Siamese: “Meow.” See you soon!


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