#FeatherFriday: Washington DC Eagle Cam

Apr 29, 2016
Nothing screams “AMERICA” quite like a bald eagle. So, when you name a pair of mated eagles residing in Washington, DC “Mr. President” and “First Lady,” you can’t really be surprised when your online poll results in the names “Freedom” and “Liberty” for the two eaglets that share their nest. 
With a pair of cameras poised in the treetops and streaming live, the Washington, DC Bald Eagle Nest Cam gives online viewers around the world the opportunity to watch what most of us would never have the opportunity to witness in person: the inside of a bald eagle family’s nest. The nest is located in the scenic National Arboretum, which makes for a beautiful backdrop; the cameras themselves are funded by donations and operated by the non-profit American Eagle Foundation. The cameras are powered by a mobile solar array specifically designed for the purpose by students and faculty from Alfred State College, SUNY College of Technology, which reflects the AEF’s conservationist mission.
If watching the daily activities of these majestic birds and their young is giving you the same patriotic feelings that it’s giving us, take a look at some of our proudest and most American products below to express your love of all things made in the USA.
Posted by: Alicia Milligan