Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Dec 03, 2015
Well, it’s officially December. Exceptional human beings the world over are sitting back and enjoying the festivities, shopping comfortably done and gifts just waiting to be wrapped up.
For the rest of us, the panic is starting to set in. Three weeks! Where did the time go? Maybe we’ve picked up a few of the easy gifts - but there’s still those difficult giftees on your list, and at this point, there’s no plan. You’re just praying for a holiday miracle, that you might stumble across the right thing for them.
Maybe we can help. If we here at Graphics and More are good at one thing, it’s presenting you with gift options that never would have crossed your mind otherwise! Take a look at some gift ideas below for a few of those difficult-to-shop-for giftees.
Teenagers! You think they’ve got just about every technology under the sun at their fingertips already, but somehow there’s always more. If buying the latest and greatest iProduct or PlayBox might break your bank, consider instead some of our great tech accessories.
Grandma and Grandpa are the champions of thoughtful gift-giving, but they’re an enigma when it comes to returning the favor. Luckily, however, there’s one thing all grandparents share - pride in being a grandparent! Check out our grandparent-themed designs on some of our great products.
Whether you’re looking to earn favor or just want to show your appreciation for their leadership, it’s never a bad idea to pick up a little something personal for the boss or teacher in your life. If you want to avoid giving them another knick-knack to collect dust on their shelf, here’s some gifts that they’ll be able to actually use!
Still stumped? Can’t find a design that’s just right for your giftee? You can never wrong with customization! Look into our custom products, and show your giftee that they’re something special - and only the most personal of gifts would do. :)
Posted by: Alicia Milligan