National Jelly Bean Day

Apr 22, 2016
Who doesn’t love a jelly bean? From good old cherry or buttered popcorn to more adventurous flavors like latte and chili mango?
Once mainly associated with Easter and Halloween holidays, jelly beans are now an everyday treat, and there’s no better time to celebrate them than Jelly Bean Day on April 22nd.
No-one knows for sure how, when or why Jelly Bean Day began, and the origins of the beans themselves are equally mysterious. They are thought to have been developed from Turkish Delight and have certainly been popular since the mid-19th century or earlier. You can enjoy Jelly Bean Day by using the beans in craft activities with your kids or staging your own ‘how many beans in the jar’ contest. Whatever you do, don’t forget that the tastiest way to celebrate Jelly Bean Day is by eating lots of jelly beans! Here are 9 quick Jelly Bean Facts courtesy of Jelly Belly!
1. It takes 7 to 21 days to make a single Jelly Belly jelly bean.
2. Very Cherry flavored jelly beans have been the most popular flavor since 2003. Before that Buttered Popcorn was the top spot since 1998.
3. Enough jelly beans were eaten in the last year to circle the earth more than five times.
4. The first jelly bean was created by an unknown American candy maker in the 1800s.
5. The original eight flavors of Jelly Belly beans were Very Cherry, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Tangerine, Green Apple, Lemon, Licorice and Grape.
6. Blueberry flavored beans were made for Ronald Reagan's presidential inauguration. Over three tons of jelly beans were eaten during the celebration.
7. During the Civil War, advertisements were made recommending people send soldiers jelly beans.
8. Jelly Belly beans were the first jelly beans in space when they were sent on the space shuttle Challenger in 1983.
9. 288,000 Jelly Belly beans of 47 different flavors were donated to make "In Your Arms" by Kina Grannis, the first jelly bean stop-motion animation music video. The video was released in November 2011.
What are your favorite types of jelly beans?

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Posted By: Karenna Pullen