Orange You Glad it's Summer?

Jun 27, 2016
The word solstice is derived from the Latin term solstitium which is the combination of two words: sun and stitium, literally meaning “sun” and “to stop,” respectively. The first day of summer 2016 will be the day of the year receiving sunlight for the maximum hours, or the longest day of the year. As the first day of summer falls in June, it is also known as June solstice. Over the ages, June solstice has inspired numerous festivals, traditions, and mid-summer celebrations. In Sweden, the day of Summer Solstice is celebrated by eating the first strawberry fruits of the season. In ancient Egyptian culture, the summer solstice marked the New Year, which coincided with the rising of the star called Sirius and the time when the Nile River gets floods every year. Here in America, school is out, firework stands are starting to be set up, and summer pool parties are about ready to make a splash in your neighborhood.
Check out 5 of our favorite Orangey Party Drinks and get a headstart on your party planning!
Orange Spice Punch
Peach Orange Iced Tea
Orange Summer Cooler
Orange Cream Milk Punch 
Sparkling Punch 
Now that you've got a refreshing list of recipes, keep that zest going and be the hostess with the mostest with these fun orangey items.
Dangling Drop Earrings
Wine Charm
Coaster Set
Written by: Karenna Pullen