Relax! It's almost Friday.

Apr 07, 2016

Take a minute and breathe; you’ve made it through almost all of the work week!

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What says “relaxing” more than a sleeping kitten? Bruce the Office Kitty and Chief Morale Officer  fondly remembers the days when he was that small.

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The smoothness and control of calligraphy is reminiscent of simpler times and is pleasing to the eye.
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This type of gif is called a cinemagraph and is made by using consecutive still photographs where only a small portion of the subject moves.
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Who better to accompany you on your relaxation journey than a supportive octopus friend?
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Another example of a cinemagraph, this one has a setting a little further from your cubicle. Make sure you examine all aspects of the foreground and background.
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There’s something soothing about a constant up and down motion and watching the ripples. Whether you subscribe to “biophilia” or not, it’s reassuring that no matter how hectic our lives are, the tides still come. 
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Even if you’re a coffee drinker, you can’t deny that tea is relaxing. Even if you’re not drinking it, the soothing aroma and cultural significance is rewarding. Whether you’re a Brit and want to enjoy a cuppa or you’re a proud American that wishes to dump it in the sea, both seem like viable options for a good time.
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Another calligraphy gif. Be sure to let your eyes follow the brush.
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This gif tends to either relax or infuriate those who view it. Hopefully the fact that this glass never fills doesn’t bother you but if it does, at the very least you can appreciate the quality.
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If you are still angry about the previous gif, here is another sleeping kitten.

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