Bruce’s Blog: See Ya Later November!

Nov 24, 2015
November’s almost over and I didn’t get to mention some of the commemorative days and weeks that I completely forgot to celebrate.
Like (and I’m not making any of this up): Jellyfish Day (it was November 3rd, I’m sorry to report). Or Traffic Directors Day that happened a day earlier, on November 2nd—can you believe we missed it?!). We also missed X-Ray Day (November 8th; we must have just looked right through it), Have a Party with our Bear Day (November 16th) and World Television Day (November 21st).
But hey, there’s still time to celebrate Square Dancing Day (November 29th) and my personal fave, Stay Home Because You’re Well Day (November 30th). I celebrate that last one every day. 
Here are some things at Graphics and More also worth celebrating: 
I’m sure I’ll be able to celebrate some of these days next year. Cats have nine lives, after all. Plenty of time to catch up!


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