Bruce’s Blog: So Long 2015

Dec 31, 2015
Well, we’re finally reaching the end of the year—or so the kids here at Graphics and More tell me. I’m not very good at keeping track of time. But it’s only slightly related to my being a cat. In fact, what happened is I accidentally chewed up the kids’ pocket calendars and fell asleep on someone’s smart-phone, which was nice and warm—but its lights kept me awake and the whoosh sounds gave me funny dreams.
You know, I always think it’s funny how some humans usher in the New Year by making themselves sick. No, I don’t mean by over-imbibing (which Heaven knows I can do if someone drops the Friskies can while doling out a mere teaspoonful for my dinner). I mean by making those dumb resolutions—like, “I resolve to lose 20 pounds in 2016” or “I’m going to stop licking my paws next year” (oh, wait. That’s just my own. Cats are allegedly a little self-centered. I apologize).
Here are some things that may help you make, keep and finally, completely abandon your New Year’s resolutions. 

Finally, I wish you a great 2016, one filled with excitement, harmony, goodwill, great health, and untied shoelaces (aaarrgh! Did it again). Happy New Year!


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