Spring Break

Mar 09, 2016

Final projects! Final exams! Finally ready to be done with school? Well, never fear - spring break is almost here to offer a much-needed reprieve to overburdened college students. Though the exact dates may vary depending on the school, it usually falls in March or April, so the time to plan and pick up any necessary vacay gear is now. Check out some unique gear and gift ideas below.
Make an impression with our sexy speed bottle openers, or keep your drink identified with our crowd-favorite can coolers. Safety first!
Don’t trust your hungover self to keep track of your stuff on the flight back? Plan ahead and give yourself some peace of mind by attaching an identifying luggage tag (or two!) to any important bags.
Once you’re safe at home, you’ll obviously want to commemorate the trip. We have stickers and magnets for your cars, refrigerators, and laptops that are perfect for just that.
Posted by: Alicia Milligan