Bruce’s Blog: The Holidays

Dec 09, 2015
Until someone here set me straight, I always thought that mistletoe was what astronauts got instead of athlete’s foot. (LOL!—whatever that means.)
As a cat, I have to say that I find the idea of hanging up a sprig of what looks like parsley (or catnip!), then getting someone to kiss you while standing under it, is kind of weird - especially when such a thing could be poisonous to myself and my feline friends (and canines, if you care about them, which I don’t...) if we were to get ahold of it. But then, a lot of things humans do over the holidays is mysterious to me.
For example, the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah never comes out on the same day. This must make party planning difficult. I guess you send out “Save Any Date You’d Like and We’ll Work With You” cards.
There’s also something called Boxing Day this month, which sounds like when you’d have people over your house to help you wrap Christmas presents. But no. It comes out on December 26th, which is the day after Christmas Day. And it doesn’t involve boxers, either the human or canine type. 
But there are lots of traditions to go around this month—Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, RubYourCat’sTummyWeek—and here are some fun ideas to celebrate them. (Okay. I made up the last one.) 
Okay, gotta run. But just for about 30 feet. Remember, I’m a cat, not an energizer bunny.


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