Bruce's Blog: Top 10 Cat Movies

Mar 07, 2017

Movies are a cultured form of entertainment, where you sit down in a dark room with strangers for a few hours and watch as other people act out a story on-screen. Of course, I’m nearly always sitting or lounging around, so why not watch a few flicks while I do so?

Counting down from 10, here are my Top 10 Cat Movies:

  • 10. Cats on a Plane: There are cats on a plane, and Sameowl L. Jackson does not want them there. This movie even spawned a spin-off called Cats on a Train.
  • 9. Mission Impawsible: Meowthan Hunt goes on an action-packed mission to prove his innocence. We all know he killed that mouse, though.
  • 8. The Fast and the Fur-ious: What’s not to love about cats driving cars super fast? They also added some plot, but no one watches it for that.
  • 7. Phantom of the O-purr-a: The beautiful soprano, Catstine, becomes the obsession of a mysterious and disfigured meow-sical genius.
  • 6. Meowana: A young island cat (very) bravely sails across the sea to fulfill her ancestors’ unfinished quest.
  • 5. Les Meowsérables: Jean Meowjean is a criminal who forges a new life for himself, on the run from the dog inspector, Pawvert.
  • 4. Paws: For some reason, cats are swimming in the ocean, and they’re attacked by a shark. Honestly, no good can come from cats in the water.
  • 3. The Wizard of Paws: This classic tail follows a young cat and her pet fish, whose house is pulled into a tornado and cast into the magical land of Paws.
  • 2. The Great Catsby: Set during the height of the Meowing Twenties, this film follows the life of millionaire Catsby and his neighbor. Leonardo DiCatrio deserved that Pawscar.
  • 1. The Empire Strikes Cats: This iconic film from the Starr Purrs franchise is filled with lots of action, stars, purring, and Carrie Fisher.

Now that you know my Top 10 Cat Movies, why don’t you sit down and watch one of them with me? Could you also feed me some popcorn? I keep forgetting that I don’t have thumbs.

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