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Bruce's Blog: Cat-astrophes and Appropriate Responses

Mar 21, 2017

The world is filled with catastrophes and, simultaneously, cat-astrophes. Humans may say that cats overreact to things, but this just isn’t true.

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Bruce's Blog: Everybody Loves Pi

Mar 14, 2017

Everybody loves pie, but do they love Pi? You know, that infinite math number? I’m only mentioning it because today is National Pi Day!

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Bruce's Blog: Top 10 Cat Movies

Mar 07, 2017

Movies are a cultured form of entertainment, where you sit down in a dark room with strangers for a few hours and watch as other people act out a story on-screen.

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Bruce's Blog: Confetti and Other Mardi Gras Necessities

Feb 28, 2017

Confetti. Masks. Necklaces. Food! These are some of the most basic Mardi Gras necessities.

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Bruce's Blog: What I Wish I Could Teach Humans

Feb 21, 2017

The humans try their best at understanding me, but no matter how hard they strive, their many varied attempts are fruitless. If only I could get them to understand me, because there are so many things that I wish I could teach them.

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Bruce's Blog: Too Much Love

Feb 14, 2017

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The one day a year when the air in the office smells like a strange mixture of roses and chocolate.

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Bruce's Blog: I am fascinated by toilets

Feb 07, 2017

The whish. The woosh. The wonder. I am extremely fascinated by toilets. I mean, who wouldn’t be completely captivated by a weird, super-fancy litterbox?

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Bruce's Blog: National Have Fun at Work Day

Jan 31, 2017

It’s National Have Fun at Work Day! I mean, I have fun at work every day, so I’m not entirely sure why we need a national day to celebrate such a concept.

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Bruce's Blog: How to properly compliment your humans

Jan 24, 2017

I am constantly craving attention from the humans here at the office. If they refuse to acknowledge me, I aggressively rub against their legs.

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Bruce's Blog: So what if I drool sometimes?

Jan 17, 2017

Taking naps are the best part of my day. I get to snuggle up in some of my favorite spots, which can sometimes be on a human lap.

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Bruce's Blog: The Art of Cleanliness

Jan 10, 2017

Unlike some creatures, cats are very self-reliant. We take pride in our cleanliness, always striving to look our best. There’s not a hair out of place on our bodies.

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Bruce's Blog: New year, new me

Jan 03, 2017

When the new year comes around, humans often take the time to say what they would like to change or work on about themselves. This past year has made me realize a lot about my feline self.

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